wimlib-imagex-verify (1) - Linux Manuals

wimlib-imagex-verify: Verify a WIM file


wimlib-imagex-verify - Verify a WIM file


wimlib-imagex verify WIMFILE [OPTION...]


wimlib-imagex verify checks the validity of the specified WIM archive. This command is also available as simply wimverify if the appropriate hard link or batch file has been installed.

Specifically, this command performs the following verifications on the WIM archive:

Verify that the WIM file can be successfully opened, which involves parsing the header, blob table, and XML data.
If the WIM archive contains an integrity table, verify the integrity of the entire WIM archive. Otherwise, print a warning.
Verify that the metadata for each image in the WIM archive can be successfully parsed.
Verify that all files needed by each image are actually contained in the WIM archive or in one of the WIM archives referenced by the --ref option.
Verify that all files contained in the WIM archive can be successfully decompressed, with matching cryptographic checksums.


File glob of additional WIMs or split WIM parts to reference resources from. This option can be specified multiple times. Note: GLOB is listed in quotes because it is interpreted by wimlib-imagex and may need to be quoted to protect against shell expansion.
Do not check the WIM file's contents against its integrity table (if it has one).


This is a read-only command. It will never modify the WIM file.

In the future, this command might do more thorough verifications than it does now.


Verify the WIM file 'boot.wim':

wimverify boot.wim

Verify the split WIM file consisting of 'boot.swm', 'boot2.swm', 'boot3.swm', ...:

wimverify boot.swm --ref="boot*.swm"