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wmfmio: WindowMaker dockable application to manipulate fm radio card


wmfmio - WindowMaker dockable application to manipulate fm radio card


wmfmio [-n ] [-t <##:##> ] [-p <##> ] [-h ]


The wmfmio is a wmtune based WindowMaker dockable application that controls radio tuner cards supported by fmio utility.

The `+' and `-' buttons are for FINE tuning.

The 2 buttons to the right of the FINE tuning buttons are the SCAN buttons.

The 2 SCAN buttons also double as VOLUME UP/DOWN when using the RIGHT mouse button.

In the bottom left there is a small two digit box in which the currently selected preset will be shown. The `<' and `>' arrow buttons to the left of the box allow to switch between presets easily and quickly.

To the right of the above described things there is yet another button with a miniature ON/OFF logo. This is used to turn your radio card on/off.

The button with the inscribed letter "A" allows you to control the internal alarm clock/delay timer. Upon pressing the "A" button you will be allowed to set the timer/delay to a time you wish the radio to turn on/off (depending on the current state of the radio) automatically.

After pressing the "A" button the first time you may set the now displayed clock type panel to the desired setting using the SCAN buttons to set your timer in the 24-hour format. Be aware in this state other buttons cease to work. You must press the A button again at which point the indicator light will turn on and the alarm will be set. Lastly, pressing the "A" button once more, will disengance the timer.

The options are as follows:

Turn radio on initially on startup.
-t <##:##>
Set timer on startup, military time.
-p <##>
Set startup preset <##> listed in wmfmiorc file.
-d display
Selects target display.
Display help screen.


wmfmio -n -p 5
Turn on radio on startup using preset 5
wmfmio -p 2 -t 14:35
Turn radio on at 2:35pm using preset 2
wmfmio -n -t 00:00
Turn on radio on startup and turn radio off at midnight


Global configuration file
User configuration file
Utility used to control the radiocard


Author of wmtune - Soren Aq soren [at] leiden.org

Author of fmio - Vladimir Popov Aq jumbo [at] narod.ru