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xgfmerge: merges two Xgridfit program files


xgfmerge - merges two Xgridfit program files


xgfmerge [options] file-a file-b [...]


Xgfmerge merges two or more Xgridfit program files, where file-a is a program generated automatically from an existing font using TTX and ttx2xgf, and file-b and any other files in the list contain other programming for the font. Xgfmerge outputs the merged programming to stdout. To capture the output in a file, use this syntax:

  $xgfmerge -o merged-file.xgf file-a.xgf file-b.xgf

If xmlstarlet is found in the system, xgfmerge uses it to format the output. Otherwise, the output file will be messy but valid.


Look for a <default type="compile-globals"/> element in each file after the first in the list. If value="no" then ignore all <default>, <control-value>, <function>, <macro> and <pre-program> elements in the file.
Display a help message.
Merge <no-compile> elements from all files. <glyph> elements with duplicate "ps-name" attributes are ignored.
-o file
The file to write the output to. If this option is not used, output is written to stdout.
When a <pre-program> element in a file other than file-a is available, use it instead of the one from file-a. If this option is not present, xgfmerge merges the programming in the <pre-program> of file-a with that in the <pre-program> of whichever file is being merged at the moment. The result is unlikely to be good if a single run of xgfmerge merges the contents of more than two <pre-program> elements.
Sort <glyph> elements in the output file into alphabetical order.
Verbose output: xgfmerge tells you what it is doing at each step.
Resolve XIncludes before merging all files in the list except for file-a. Any XIncludes from file-a.xgf are stripped out of the files before this operation is performed. If XInclude is used to bring global elements (<control-value>, <function>, etc.) into these files, it is probably a good idea to use the -c option as well.


An XSLT script that performs the merge.
An XSLT script that strips out unwanted XIncludes.
An XSLT script that sorts glyph elements in a file.
Does some formatting of the output.


Xgfmerge was written by Peter Baker <psb6m [at] virginia.edu>.

This manual page was written by Peter Baker


xgridfit(1), ttx(1), ttx2xgf(1), xmlstarlet(1).