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xkbbell: XKB extension user utility


xkbbell - XKB extension user utility


xkbbell [-display <dpy>] [-synch] [-dev <id>] [-force] [-nobeep] [-bf <id>] [-kf <id>] [-v <volume>] [-w <id>] [-help|-version]


user utility


-display <dpy>
specifies which display to use
turns on synchronization

-dev <id>
specifies which device to use

force audible bell

suppress server bell, event only

-bf <id>
specifies which bell feedback to use

-kf <id>
specifies which keyboard feedback to use

-v <volume>
specifies which volume to use

-w <id>
specifies which window to use

print list of options and exit

print program version and exit

If neither device nor feedback are specified, xkbbell uses the default values for the core keyboard device.