xml2pmx (1) - Linux Manuals


xml2pmx translates MusicXML files to input suitable for PMX processing


xml2pmx [-v | --version | -h | --help]

xml2pmx input.xml output.pmx [ p | d | v | s | l ] ..

The musixtex.lua script from version 0.23 supports xml2pmx as a pre-preprocessor for MusicXML files.


The meanings of the letter options are as follows:

     p       XML parser output; not recommended unless the terminal window process has enough storage

     d       information on "directions" (dynamical marks etc)  

     v       distribution of voices over instruments and measures 

     s       statistics of MusicXML tags like <note>, <measure> etc 

     l       for extracting lyrics in a separate file  


xml2pmx processes input in UTF-8 encoding only. MusicXML files in UTF-16 encoding should be converted using, for example, recode (in Unix-like systems) or by importing into an editor like notepad and saving in UTF-8 encoding.


This man page was written by Bob Tennent <rdt [at] cs.queensu.ca>. xml2pmx was written by Dieter Gloetzel <d.gloetzel [at] web.de> and adapted for compilation by obc (the Oxford Oberon Compiler) by Mike Spivey <mike [at] cs.ox.ac.uk>.


pmx(1) obc(1) musixtex(1) recode(1)