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xmms2-mdns-avahi: announces XMMS2 via mDNS


xmms2-mdns-avahi - announces XMMS2 via mDNS




XMMS2 is a redesign of the XMMS (http://www.xmms.org) music player. It features a client-server model, allowing multiple (even simultaneous!) user interfaces, both textual and graphical. All common audio formats are supported using plugins. On top of this, there is a flexible media library to organize your music.

xmms2-mdns-avahi is the Avahi mDNS announcing client for XMMS2. xmms2-mdns-avahi is designed to announce the presence of an accessible XMMS2 TCP socket if one is available. xmms2-mdns-avahi offers a _xmms2._tcp service if, and only if, the XMMS_PATH_FULL enviornmental variable contains a TCP socket. This allows clients that support mDNS discovery to easily locate and connect to this xmms2d(1) instance.


A complete list of URL paths seperated by ';' pointed to the xmms2d(1). See IPC SOCKET in xmms2d(1) for details of possible values for this variable


The XMMS2 Project was started by Tobias Rundström and Anders Gustafsson. It is developed with their lead by a small group of contributers from all over the world.


This manual page was written by Alexander Botero-Lowry <alex [at] foxybanana.com>