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xqilla: run XQuery and XPath 2 expressions


xqilla - run XQuery and XPath 2 expressions


xqilla [OPTION]... QUERY-FILE...


Run XQuery and XPath 2 expressions from QUERY-FILE.
Show help and exit
Parse in XPath 2 mode (default is XQuery mode)
Parse in XPath 1.0 compatibility mode (default is XQuery mode)
Parse XSLT 2.0
Parse using W3C Full-Text extensions
Parse using W3C Update extensions
Parse using XQilla specific extensions
Run the query in interactive debugging mode
Use the Xerces-C data model (default is the FastXDM)
-i file
Load XML document and bind it as the context item
-b baseURI
Set the base URI for the context
-v name value
Bind the name value pair as an external variable
-o file
Write the result to the specified file
-n number
Run the queries a number of times
Quiet mode - no output
Output an XML representation of the AST

The xqilla command line tool can be used to run XQuery and XPath 2 expressions. It is also a good example of how to use the Simple API of the XQilla library.


Report bugs to <https://sourceforge.net/projects/xqilla/support>.


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The full documentation for the XQilla library is available at <http://xqilla.sourceforge.net/Documentation>.