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xycpt: generate GMT colour palette table (cpt) files from column data.


xycpt - generate GMT colour palette table (cpt) files from column data.


xycpt [-b rgb] [-d] [-f rgb] [-h] [-n rgb] [-o file] [-r registration] [-u] [-v] [-V] [file]


The xycpt program generates discrete or continuous cpt files from simple input describing sample values of the colour (or greyscale) range. The input consists of 1-4 columns. For 2 and 4 columns, the first column is interpreted as a (double) z value, for 1 and 3 the z value is taken implicitly. For 1 and 2 columns the final column will be taken as a greyscale value. For 3 and 4, the last 3 columns are taken as RGB values.

The program will read from stdin if a file is not specified as the final argument, and write to stdout if the -o option is not specified.


In the following, all rgb specifications should be of the form red/green/blue where the colour components are integers in the range 0 to 255.

-b, --background rgb

Set the background colour of the output.

-d, --discrete

Output a discrete cpt file, the default is continuous.

-f, --foreground rgb

Set the foreground colour of the output.

-h, --help

Brief help.

-n, --nan rgb

Set the NaN (no data) colour of the output.

-o, --output file

Write the output to file, rather than stdout.

-r, --registration string

For discrete (using the -d option) conversion, specifies upper, middle or lower registration of the data value. For the upper and lower types the final (respectively the first) colour is omitted from the output; only the z value is used. For middle registration all the colours appear in the output.

-u, --unit

Colour values are specified as floating point numbers in the range 0-1 rather than as integers in the range 0-255.

-v, --verbose

Verbose operation.

-V, --version

Version information.


J.J. Green