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yuvplay: Display YUV4MPEG2 streams (using SDL)


yuvplay - Display YUV4MPEG2 streams (using SDL)


yuvplay [options]


yuvplay produces on-screen playback of a YUV4MPEG2 stream which is provided to stdin, typically through piping from the stdout of lavpipe(1), lav2yuv(1), mpeg2dec(1) or a similar program. It should be noted that for pure playback lavplay should be a superior option. yuvplay is intended primarily as a debugging or diagnostic utility when setting up video processing pipelines.


yuvplay accepts the following options:
-s WxH
The size of the SDL window. By default, it uses the size of the input video stream scaled to yield 1:1 pixels (using the sample aspect ratio encoded in the stream header). However, you can specify any size you want. WxH is the width x height of the scaled window.

Set the window title.

-f num
Override the framerate specified in the input stream header.

By default, yuvplay will try to play at the framerate of the input movie. With this option, yuvplay will just play all the frames as fast as it can.

-v [0,1,2]
Set the verbosity of user feedback. Default is "1": errors, warnings, and info messages.


This man page was originally written by Ronald Bultje (and since edited by Matt Marjanovic).
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mjpegtools(1), lavpipe(1), lav2yuv(1) lavplay(1)