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zarafa-search: Zarafa Indexed Search Service.


zarafa-search - Zarafa Indexed Search Service.




The zarafa-search daemon is used to index all messages for all users in the zarafa-server. Indexing messages greatly enhances the search performance of the zarafa-server.

After starting, the search daemon will continuesly update the store index files and will keep listening for connections on the configured TCP port and/or Unix socket for search requests from the zarafa-server(1).


The Zarafa search program takes the following configuration options:

--config, -c file

Specify the location of the configuration file.

Default: /etc/zarafa/search.cfg

--foreground, -F

Run in the foreground. Normally the zarafa-search process will daemonize and run in the background.

--host, -h path

Connect to the Zarafa server through path, e.g. file:///path/to/socket. Default: file:///var/run/zarafa.


Print the version and exit.


When unknown options exists in the configuration file the search daemon will report an error and shutdown. Pass this option to ignore unknown options so zarafa-search will start.

--reindex username

Remove the current index of the given user and start to make a new index immediately.

The zarafa-search daemon must already be running on the same machine.

When invoked with no options, the zarafa-search daemon will search for a configuration file in /etc/zarafa/search.cfg. If no configuration file is found, default values are used. See zarafa-search.cfg(5) for all configuration options and their default values.


Starting the zarafa-search daemon with an alternative configuration:


You may also use the init.d scripts:

/etc/init.d/zarafa-search [start| stop| restart| reload]


Written by Zarafa.