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Atlas: The Atlas namespace.


Atlas - The Atlas namespace.



namespace Net
The Atlas network communication namespace.

namespace Objects
The Atlas high level Objects namespace.


class Bridge
Atlas stream bridge.
class Codec
Atlas stream codec.
class EncoderBase
Base class forwarding to Atlas::Bridge as skeleton for other encoders.
class Exception
Base class for all exceptions thrown by Atlas-C++.
class Filter
Atlas stream filter.
class filterbuf

class Formatter
Atlas stream formatter.
class Negotiate
Negotiation of codecs and filters for an Atlas connection.
class Task


typedef int int_type

Detailed Description

The Atlas namespace.

This namespace contains the whole of the Atlas-C++ library, and which is divided into a hierarchy of other namespaces. The main namespaces of interest to the application developers are the Atlas::Net namespace containing classes to handle establishing network connections, and the Atlas::Objects namespace containing classes used to handle high level Atlas data.


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