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Atlas_Funky_EncMapValue: Encoder in map value state.


Atlas::Funky::EncMapValue - Encoder in map value state.


#include <FEncoder.h>

Public Member Functions

EncMapValue (B &b, const std::string &name)

EncMap< B, T > operator<< (const BeginMap &)
Begin a map.
EncList< B, T > operator<< (const BeginList &)
Begin a list.
T operator<< (long i)
Send an integer value.
T operator<< (double d)
Send a double value.
T operator<< (const std::string &s)
Send a string value.
template<typename Arg > T operator<< (const Arg &a)
If the encoder supports it, send any kind of value.

Protected Attributes

B & b
The bridge or encoder that is written to.
std::string name
The name of this item.

Detailed Description

template<class B, class T> class Atlas::Funky::EncMapValue< B, T >

Encoder in map value state.

See also:

Atlas Funky Encoder


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