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Atlas_Objects_ObjectsDecoder: Objects hierarchy decoder.


Atlas::Objects::ObjectsDecoder - Objects hierarchy decoder.


#include <Decoder.h>

Inherits Atlas::Message::DecoderBase.

Inherited by Atlas::Objects::Dispatcher.

Public Member Functions

ObjectsDecoder (Factories *f=0)
virtual ~ObjectsDecoder ()
Default destructor.
Factories * factories () const
Factories accessor.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void messageArrived (const Atlas::Message::MapType &)
Overridden by to retrieve the message from DecoderBase.
virtual void objectArrived (const Root &obj)=0
call right object*Arrived method

Protected Attributes

Factories * m_factories

Detailed Description

Objects hierarchy decoder.

This decoder can be bound to a codec, will assemble incoming messages, check their type, convert them into the appropriate instance in the Objects hierarchy and call the relevant member functions, which subclasses can conveniently override to pick up the object.

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Stefanus Du Toit <sdt [at]>


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