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Dpkg::Gettext: convenience wrapper around Locale::gettext


Dpkg::Gettext - convenience wrapper around Locale::gettext


The Dpkg::Gettext module is a convenience wrapper over the Locale::gettext module, to guarantee we always have working gettext functions, and to add some commonly used aliases.


my $trans = _g($msgid)
Calls gettext() on the $msgid and returns its translation for the current locale. If gettext() is not available, simply returns $msgid.
my $trans = P_($msgid, $msgid_plural, $n)
Calls ngettext(), returning the correct translation for the plural form dependent on $n. If gettext() is not available, returns $msgid if $n is 1 or $msgid_plural otherwise.


Version 1.00

Mark the module as public.