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Ecore_ADT_Page: Ecore Abstract Data Types


Ecore_ADT_Page - Ecore Abstract Data Types This page briefly describes the different abstract data types that are provided by the Ecore library for general usage.

You need to include the Ecore_Data.h to use them.


A list is a simple data type where one each piece of data points to another piece of data.

Associated modules that describe the List ADT include:

List Creation/Destruction Functions
List Item Adding Functions
List Item Removing Functions
List Traversal Functions
List Node Functions

Examples involving lists include:


Doubly Linked List

A doubly linked list is like a linked list, only each piece of data can also point to the piece before it. In other words, you can traverse a doubly linked list in both directions.

Associated modules that describe the DList ADT include:

Doubly Linked List Creation/Destruction Functions
Doubly Linked List Adding Functions
Doubly Linked List Removing Functions


A hash is an abstract data type where one value is associated with another value. Instead of each element of the group being accessible using a number, each element is accessed using another object.

Associated modules that describe the Hash ADT include:

Hash Creation Functions
Hash Destruction Functions
Hash Data Functions


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