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Lintian::Collect::Group: Lintian interface to group data collection


Lintian::Collect::Group - Lintian interface to group data collection


 my $group = Lintian::ProcessableGroup->new ('lintian_2.5.0_i386.changes');
 my $ginfo = Lintian::Collect::Group->new ($group);
 foreach my $bin ($group->get_binary_processables) {
    my $pkg_name = $bin->pkg_name;
    foreach my $dirdep ($ginfo->direct_dependencies ($bin)) {
        print "$pkg_name (pre-)depends on $dirdep (which is also in this group)\n";


Lintian::Collect::Group is a ``group'' variant of the Lintian::Collect modules. It attempts to expose a similar interface as these and provide useful information about the processable group (or members of it).


Lintian::Collect::Group->new ($group)
Creates a new object to provide information about $group.
direct_dependencies (PROC)
If PROC is a part of the underlying processable group, this method returns a listref containing all the direct dependencies of PROC. If PROC is not a part of the group, this returns undef.

Note: Only strong dependencies (Pre-Depends and Depends) are considered.

Note: Self-dependencies (if any) are not included in the result.

Return the type of this collect object (which is the string 'group').
Returns a hashref of words, which the spell checker should ignore. These words are generally based on the package names in the group to avoid false-positive ``spelling error'' when packages have ``fun'' names.

Example: Package alot-doc (#687464)


Originally written by Niels Thykier <niels [at]> for Lintian.