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PAPI_assign_eventset_component -

Assign a component index to an existing but empty EventSet.


Detailed Description

@par C Interface:
#include <papi.h> @n
PAPI_assign_eventset_component( int  EventSet, int  cidx );

@param EventSet 
    An integer identifier for an existing EventSet.
@param cidx 
    An integer identifier for a component. 
    By convention, component 0 is always the cpu component. 

@retval PAPI_ENOCMP 
    The argument cidx is not a valid component.
    The EventSet doesn't exist.
@retval PAPI_ENOMEM 
    Insufficient memory to complete the operation. 

PAPI_assign_eventset_component assigns a specific component index, 
as specified by cidx, to a new EventSet identified by EventSet, as obtained 
from PAPI_create_eventset. EventSets are ordinarily automatically bound 
to components when the first event is added. This routine is useful to 
explicitly bind an EventSet to a component before setting component related 

@par Examples:


*   int EventSet = PAPI_NULL;
*   if ( PAPI_create_eventset( &EventSet ) != PAPI_OK )
*   handle_error( 1 );
*   // Bind our EventSet to the cpu component
*   if ( PAPI_assign_eventset_component( EventSet, 0 ) != PAPI_OK )
*   handle_error( 1 );
*   // Convert our EventSet to multiplexing
*   if ( PAPI_set_multiplex( EventSet ) != PAPI_OK )
*   handle_error( 1 );

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