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PAPI_thread_init -

Initialize thread support in the PAPI library.


Detailed Description

@param *id_fn 
    Pointer to a function that returns current thread ID. 

PAPI_thread_init initializes thread support in the PAPI library. 
Applications that make no use of threads do not need to call this routine. 
This function MUST return a UNIQUE thread ID for every new thread/LWP created. 
The OpenMP call omp_get_thread_num() violates this rule, as the underlying 
LWPs may have been killed off by the run-time system or by a call to omp_set_num_threads() . 
In that case, it may still possible to use omp_get_thread_num() in 
conjunction with PAPI_unregister_thread() when the OpenMP thread has finished. 
However it is much better to use the underlying thread subsystem's call, 
which is pthread_self() on Linux platforms. 

if ( PAPI_thread_init(pthread_self) != PAPI_OK )

See Also:

PAPI_register_thread PAPI_unregister_thread PAPI_get_thr_specific PAPI_set_thr_specific PAPI_thread_id PAPI_list_threads


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