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QuantLib_Calendar_WesternImpl: partial calendar implementation


QuantLib::Calendar::WesternImpl - partial calendar implementation


#include <ql/time/calendar.hpp>

Inherits QuantLib::Calendar::Impl.

Inherited by MervalImpl, Impl, ExchangeImpl, SettlementImpl, SettlementImpl, TsxImpl, PseImpl, Impl, Impl, EurexImpl, FrankfurtStockExchangeImpl, SettlementImpl, XetraImpl, HkexImpl, Impl, IcexImpl, NseImpl, BejImpl, ExchangeImpl, SettlementImpl, BmvImpl, Impl, Impl, Impl, SgxImpl, BsseImpl, Impl, Impl, Impl, Impl, ExchangeImpl, MetalsImpl, SettlementImpl, GovernmentBondImpl, NercImpl, NyseImpl, and SettlementImpl.

Protected Member Functions

bool isWeekend (Weekday) const

Static Protected Member Functions

static Day easterMonday (Year)
expressed relative to first day of year

Detailed Description

partial calendar implementation

This class provides the means of determining the Easter Monday for a given year, as well as specifying Saturdays and Sundays as weekend days.


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