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QwtLegendItem: A legend label.


QwtLegendItem - A legend label.


#include <qwt_legend_item.h>

Inherits QwtTextLabel.

Public Types

enum IdentifierMode { NoIdentifier = 0, ShowLine = 1, ShowSymbol = 2, ShowText = 4 }

Public Slots

void setChecked (bool on)


void clicked ()

void pressed ()

void released ()

void checked (bool)

Public Member Functions

QwtLegendItem (QWidget *parent=0)

QwtLegendItem (const QwtSymbol &, const QPen &, const QwtText &, QWidget *parent=0)

virtual ~QwtLegendItem ()

virtual void setText (const QwtText &)

void setItemMode (QwtLegend::LegendItemMode)

QwtLegend::LegendItemMode itemMode () const

void setIdentifierMode (int)

int identifierMode () const

void setIdentifierWidth (int width)

int identifierWidth () const

void setSpacing (int spacing)

int spacing () const

void setSymbol (const QwtSymbol &)

const QwtSymbol & symbol () const

void setCurvePen (const QPen &)

const QPen & curvePen () const

virtual void drawIdentifier (QPainter *, const QRect &) const

virtual void drawItem (QPainter *p, const QRect &) const

virtual QSize sizeHint () const

bool isChecked () const

Protected Member Functions

void setDown (bool)

bool isDown () const

virtual void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *)

virtual void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *)

virtual void mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *)

virtual void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *)

virtual void keyReleaseEvent (QKeyEvent *)

virtual void drawText (QPainter *, const QRect &)

Detailed Description

A legend label.

QwtLegendItem represents a curve on a legend. It displays an curve identifier with an explaining text. The identifier might be a combination of curve symbol and line. In readonly mode it behaves like a label, otherwise like an unstylish push button.

See also:

QwtLegend, QwtPlotCurve

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum QwtLegendItem::IdentifierMode

Identifier mode.

Default is ShowLine | ShowText

See also:

identifierMode(), setIdentifierMode()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QwtLegendItem::QwtLegendItem (QWidget * parent = 0) [explicit]


parent Parent widget

QwtLegendItem::QwtLegendItem (const QwtSymbol & symbol, const QPen & curvePen, const QwtText & text, QWidget * parent = 0) [explicit]


symbol Curve symbol
curvePen Curve pen
text Label text
parent Parent widget

QwtLegendItem::~QwtLegendItem () [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void QwtLegendItem::checked (bool) [signal]

Signal, when the legend item has been toggled.

void QwtLegendItem::clicked () [signal]

Signal, when the legend item has been clicked.

const QPen & QwtLegendItem::curvePen () const


The curve pen.

See also:


void QwtLegendItem::drawIdentifier (QPainter * painter, const QRect & rect) const [virtual]

Paint the identifier to a given rect.


painter Painter
rect Rect where to paint

void QwtLegendItem::drawItem (QPainter * painter, const QRect & rect) const [virtual]

Draw the legend item to a given rect.


painter Painter
rect Rect where to paint the button

void QwtLegendItem::drawText (QPainter * painter, const QRect & textRect) [protected, virtual]

Redraw the text.

Reimplemented from QwtTextLabel.

int QwtLegendItem::identifierMode () const

Or'd values of IdentifierMode.

See also:

setIdentifierMode(), IdentifierMode

int QwtLegendItem::identifierWidth () const

Return the width of the identifier

See also:


bool QwtLegendItem::isChecked () const

Return true, if the item is checked.

bool QwtLegendItem::isDown () const [protected]

Return true, if the item is down.

QwtLegend::LegendItemMode QwtLegendItem::itemMode () const

Return the item mode

See also:


void QwtLegendItem::keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent * e) [protected, virtual]

Handle key press events.

void QwtLegendItem::keyReleaseEvent (QKeyEvent * e) [protected, virtual]

Handle key release events.

void QwtLegendItem::mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent * e) [protected, virtual]

Handle mouse press events.

void QwtLegendItem::mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent * e) [protected, virtual]

Handle mouse release events.

void QwtLegendItem::paintEvent (QPaintEvent * e) [protected, virtual]

Paint event.

Reimplemented from QwtTextLabel.

void QwtLegendItem::pressed () [signal]

Signal, when the legend item has been pressed.

void QwtLegendItem::released () [signal]

Signal, when the legend item has been relased.

void QwtLegendItem::setChecked (bool on) [slot]

Check/Uncheck a the item


on check/uncheck

See also:


void QwtLegendItem::setCurvePen (const QPen & pen)

Set curve pen.


pen Curve pen

See also:


void QwtLegendItem::setDown (bool down) [protected]

Set the item being down.

void QwtLegendItem::setIdentifierMode (int mode)

Set identifier mode. Default is ShowLine | ShowText.


mode Or'd values of IdentifierMode

See also:


void QwtLegendItem::setIdentifierWidth (int width)

Set the width for the identifier Default is 8 pixels


width New width

See also:

identifierMode(), identifierWidth()

void QwtLegendItem::setItemMode (QwtLegend::LegendItemMode mode)

Set the item mode The default is QwtLegend::ReadOnlyItem


mode Item mode

See also:


void QwtLegendItem::setSpacing (int spacing)

Change the spacing


spacing Spacing

See also:

spacing(), identifierWidth(), QwtTextLabel::margin()

void QwtLegendItem::setSymbol (const QwtSymbol & symbol)

Set curve symbol.


symbol Symbol

See also:


void QwtLegendItem::setText (const QwtText & text) [virtual]

Set the text to the legend item


text Text label

See also:


Reimplemented from QwtTextLabel.

QSize QwtLegendItem::sizeHint () const [virtual]

Return a size hint.

Reimplemented from QwtTextLabel.

int QwtLegendItem::spacing () const

Return the spacing

See also:

setSpacing(), identifierWidth(), QwtTextLabel::margin()

const QwtSymbol & QwtLegendItem::symbol () const


The curve symbol.

See also:



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