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ValidateFile: Validates an XMLTV file


XMLTV::ValidateFile - Validates an XMLTV file


Utility library that validates that a file is correct according to


All these functions are exported on demand.
Load the xmltv dtd. Takes a single parameter which is the name of the xmltv dtd file.

LoadDtd must be called before ValidateFile can be called.

Validate that a file is valid according to the XMLTV dtd and try to check that it contains valid information. ValidateFile takes a filename as parameter and optionally also a day and an offset and prints error messages to STDERR.

ValidateFile returns a list of errors that it found with the file. Each error takes the form of a keyword:

ValidateFile checks the following:

The file is not well-formed XML.
The file does not follow the XMLTV DTD.
No channel-entry found for a channelid that is used in a programme-entry.
More than one channel-entry found for a channelid.
No programme entries were found in the file.
There are no programme entries for one of the channels listed with a channel-entry.
An xmltvid does not look like a proper id, i.e. it does not match /^[-a-zA-Z0-9]+(\.[-a-zA-Z0-9]+)+$/.
A programme-entry without an id was found.
A programme entry with an empty or missing title was found.
A programme entry with an empty desc-element was found. The desc-element shall be omitted if there is no description.
A programme entry with an invalid start-time was found.
A programme entry with an invalid stop-time was found.
A programme entry with an invalid episode number was found.
The file is encoded in iso-8859 but contains characters that have no meaning in iso-8859 (or are control characters). If it's iso-8859-1 aka Latin 1 it might be some characters in windows-1252 encoding.
The file is encoded in utf-8 but contains characters that look strange. 1) Mis-encoded single characters represented with [EF][BF][BD] bytes 2) Mis-encoded single characters represented with [C3][AF][C2][BF][C2][BD] bytes 3) Mis-encoded single characters in range [C2][80-9F]

If no errors are found, an empty list is returned.


It is currently necessary to specify the path to the xmltv dtd-file. This should not be necessary.


Copyright (C) 2006 Mattias Holmlund.

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