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WFMath_Ball: A dim dimensional ball.


WFMath::Ball - A dim dimensional ball.


#include <ball.h>

Public Member Functions

Ball ()
construct an uninitialized ball
Ball (const Point< dim > &center, CoordType radius)
construct a ball with the given center and radius
Ball (const Ball &b)
construct a copy of a ball
Ball (const AtlasInType &a)
Construct a ball from an object passed by Atlas.
AtlasOutType toAtlas () const
Create an Atlas object from the box.
void fromAtlas (const AtlasInType &a)
Set the box's value to that given by an Atlas object.
const Point< dim > & center () const
get the center of the ball
Point< dim > & center ()
get the center of the ball
CoordType radius () const
get the radius of the ball
CoordType & radius ()
get the radius of the ball

Detailed Description

template<const int dim> class WFMath::Ball< dim >

A dim dimensional ball.

This class implements the full shape interface, as described in the fake class Shape.

This class is called Ball<> instead of Sphere to be more in tune with the usual mathematical naming conventions, where a ball is a filled object, while a sphere is just the outer shell. It also helps that a Ball<n> corresponds to an n-ball, while a Sphere<n> would correspond to an (n-1)-sphere.


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