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asia: Asian currencies.


ql/currencies/asia.hpp - Asian currencies.


#include <ql/currency.hpp>


class BDTCurrency
Bangladesh taka.
class CNYCurrency
Chinese yuan.
class HKDCurrency
Honk Kong dollar.
class ILSCurrency
Israeli shekel.
class INRCurrency
Indian rupee.
class IQDCurrency
Iraqi dinar.
class IRRCurrency
Iranian rial.
class JPYCurrency
Japanese yen.
class KRWCurrency
South-Korean won.
class KWDCurrency
Kuwaiti dinar.
class NPRCurrency
Nepal rupee.
class PKRCurrency
Pakistani rupee.
class SARCurrency
Saudi riyal.
class SGDCurrency
Singapore dollar
class THBCurrency
Thai baht.
class TWDCurrency
Taiwan dollar

Detailed Description

Asian currencies.

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