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class Argentina
Argentinian calendars.
class Australia
Australian calendar.
class BespokeCalendar
Bespoke calendar.
class Brazil
Brazilian calendar.
class Canada
Canadian calendar.
class China
Chinese calendar.
class CzechRepublic
Czech calendars.
class Denmark
Danish calendar.
class Finland
Finnish calendar.
class Germany
German calendars.
class HongKong
Hong Kong calendars.
class Hungary
Hungarian calendar.
class Iceland
Icelandic calendars.
class India
Indian calendars.
class Indonesia
Indonesian calendars
class Italy
Italian calendars.
class Japan
Japanese calendar.
class JointCalendar
Joint calendar.
class Mexico
Mexican calendars
class NewZealand
New Zealand calendar.
class Norway
Norwegian calendar.
class NullCalendar
Calendar for reproducing theoretical calculations.
class Poland
Polish calendar.
class SaudiArabia
Saudi Arabian calendar.
class Singapore
Singapore calendars
class Slovakia
Slovak calendars.
class SouthAfrica
South-African calendar.
class SouthKorea
South Korean calendars.
class Sweden
Swedish calendar.
class Switzerland
Swiss calendar.
class Taiwan
Taiwanese calendars.
class TARGET
TARGET calendar
class Turkey
Turkish calendar.
class Ukraine
Ukrainian calendars.
class UnitedKingdom
United Kingdom calendars.
class UnitedStates
United States calendars.

Detailed Description

The class QuantLib::Calendar provides the interface for determining whether a date is a business day or a holiday for a given exchange or a given country, and for incrementing/decrementing a date of a given number of business days. A number of calendars is contained in the ql/Calendars directory.


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