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subroutine cgbmv (TRANS, M, N, KL, KU, ALPHA, A, LDA, X, INCX, BETA, Y, INCY)

Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine cgbmv (characterTRANS, integerM, integerN, integerKL, integerKU, complexALPHA, complex, dimension(lda,*)A, integerLDA, complex, dimension(*)X, integerINCX, complexBETA, complex, dimension(*)Y, integerINCY)

CGBMV Purpose:

 CGBMV  performs one of the matrix-vector operations

    y := alpha*A*x + beta*y,   or   y := alpha*A**T*x + beta*y,   or

    y := alpha*A**H*x + beta*y,

 where alpha and beta are scalars, x and y are vectors and A is an
 m by n band matrix, with kl sub-diagonals and ku super-diagonals.




          TRANS is CHARACTER*1
           On entry, TRANS specifies the operation to be performed as

              TRANS = 'N' or 'n'   y := alpha*A*x + beta*y.

              TRANS = 'T' or 't'   y := alpha*A**T*x + beta*y.

              TRANS = 'C' or 'c'   y := alpha*A**H*x + beta*y.


          M is INTEGER
           On entry, M specifies the number of rows of the matrix A.
           M must be at least zero.


          N is INTEGER
           On entry, N specifies the number of columns of the matrix A.
           N must be at least zero.


          KL is INTEGER
           On entry, KL specifies the number of sub-diagonals of the
           matrix A. KL must satisfy  0 .le. KL.


          KU is INTEGER
           On entry, KU specifies the number of super-diagonals of the
           matrix A. KU must satisfy  0 .le. KU.


          ALPHA is COMPLEX
           On entry, ALPHA specifies the scalar alpha.


          A is COMPLEX array of DIMENSION ( LDA, n ).
           Before entry, the leading ( kl + ku + 1 ) by n part of the
           array A must contain the matrix of coefficients, supplied
           column by column, with the leading diagonal of the matrix in
           row ( ku + 1 ) of the array, the first super-diagonal
           starting at position 2 in row ku, the first sub-diagonal
           starting at position 1 in row ( ku + 2 ), and so on.
           Elements in the array A that do not correspond to elements
           in the band matrix (such as the top left ku by ku triangle)
           are not referenced.
           The following program segment will transfer a band matrix
           from conventional full matrix storage to band storage:

                 DO 20, J = 1, N
                    K = KU + 1 - J
                    DO 10, I = MAX( 1, J - KU ), MIN( M, J + KL )
                       A( K + I, J ) = matrix( I, J )
              10    CONTINUE
              20 CONTINUE


          LDA is INTEGER
           On entry, LDA specifies the first dimension of A as declared
           in the calling (sub) program. LDA must be at least
           ( kl + ku + 1 ).


          X is COMPLEX array of DIMENSION at least
           ( 1 + ( n - 1 )*abs( INCX ) ) when TRANS = 'N' or 'n'
           and at least
           ( 1 + ( m - 1 )*abs( INCX ) ) otherwise.
           Before entry, the incremented array X must contain the
           vector x.


          INCX is INTEGER
           On entry, INCX specifies the increment for the elements of
           X. INCX must not be zero.


          BETA is COMPLEX
           On entry, BETA specifies the scalar beta. When BETA is
           supplied as zero then Y need not be set on input.


          Y is COMPLEX array of DIMENSION at least
           ( 1 + ( m - 1 )*abs( INCY ) ) when TRANS = 'N' or 'n'
           and at least
           ( 1 + ( n - 1 )*abs( INCY ) ) otherwise.
           Before entry, the incremented array Y must contain the
           vector y. On exit, Y is overwritten by the updated vector y.


          INCY is INTEGER
           On entry, INCY specifies the increment for the elements of
           Y. INCY must not be zero.



Univ. of Tennessee

Univ. of California Berkeley

Univ. of Colorado Denver

NAG Ltd.


November 2011

Further Details:

  Level 2 Blas routine.
  The vector and matrix arguments are not referenced when N = 0, or M = 0

  -- Written on 22-October-1986.
     Jack Dongarra, Argonne National Lab.
     Jeremy Du Croz, Nag Central Office.
     Sven Hammarling, Nag Central Office.
     Richard Hanson, Sandia National Labs.


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