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Currencies and FX rates -


class ZARCurrency
South-African rand.
class ARSCurrency
Argentinian peso.
class BRLCurrency
Brazilian real.
class CADCurrency
Canadian dollar.
class CLPCurrency
Chilean peso.
class COPCurrency
Colombian peso.
class MXNCurrency
Mexican peso.
class PENCurrency
Peruvian nuevo sol.
class PEICurrency
Peruvian inti.
class PEHCurrency
Peruvian sol.
class TTDCurrency
Trinidad & Tobago dollar.
class USDCurrency
U.S. dollar.
class VEBCurrency
Venezuelan bolivar.
class BDTCurrency
Bangladesh taka.
class CNYCurrency
Chinese yuan.
class HKDCurrency
Honk Kong dollar.
class ILSCurrency
Israeli shekel.
class INRCurrency
Indian rupee.
class IQDCurrency
Iraqi dinar.
class IRRCurrency
Iranian rial.
class JPYCurrency
Japanese yen.
class KRWCurrency
South-Korean won.
class KWDCurrency
Kuwaiti dinar.
class NPRCurrency
Nepal rupee.
class PKRCurrency
Pakistani rupee.
class SARCurrency
Saudi riyal.
class SGDCurrency
Singapore dollar
class THBCurrency
Thai baht.
class TWDCurrency
Taiwan dollar
class BGLCurrency
Bulgarian lev.
class BYRCurrency
Belarussian ruble.
class CHFCurrency
Swiss franc.
class CYPCurrency
Cyprus pound.
class CZKCurrency
Czech koruna.
class DKKCurrency
Danish krone.
class EEKCurrency
Estonian kroon.
class EURCurrency
European Euro.
class GBPCurrency
British pound sterling.
class HUFCurrency
Hungarian forint.
class ISKCurrency
Icelandic krona.
class LTLCurrency
Lithuanian litas.
class LVLCurrency
Latvian lat.
class MTLCurrency
Maltese lira.
class NOKCurrency
Norwegian krone.
class PLNCurrency
Polish zloty.
class ROLCurrency
Romanian leu.
class RONCurrency
Romanian new leu.
class SEKCurrency
Swedish krona.
class SITCurrency
Slovenian tolar.
class SKKCurrency
Slovak koruna.
class TRLCurrency
Turkish lira.
class TRYCurrency
New Turkish lira.
class ATSCurrency
Austrian shilling.
class BEFCurrency
Belgian franc.
class DEMCurrency
Deutsche mark.
class ESPCurrency
Spanish peseta.
class FIMCurrency
Finnish markka.
class FRFCurrency
French franc.
class GRDCurrency
Greek drachma.
class IEPCurrency
Irish punt.
class ITLCurrency
Italian lira.
class LUFCurrency
Luxembourg franc.
class NLGCurrency
Dutch guilder.
class PTECurrency
Portuguese escudo.
class AUDCurrency
Australian dollar.
class NZDCurrency
New Zealand dollar.


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