dirfile_free_entry_strings (3) - Linux Manuals

dirfile_free_entry_strings: free strings in a GetData gd_entry_t object


dirfile_free_entry_strings --- free strings in a GetData gd_entry_t object


#include <getdata.h>
gd_entry_t *dirfile_free_entry_strings(gd_entry_t *entry);


The dirfile_free_entry_strings() function frees the character strings found in the gd_entry_t object entry which were previously allocated by a call to get_entry(3). If entry is NULL, this function does nothing.

If non-NULL, entry must point to a valid and properly initialised gd_entry_t object, such as that returned by get_entry(3). As well, the caller may construct a properly initialised gd_entry_t object by first setting all bits to zero, then setting the field_type parameter to the desired gd_entype_t symbol, and finally initialising only the members defined for that type. The results of calling this function are undefined if the character strings pointed to by the string members of entry have not been allocated with malloc(3), unless these pointer members are equal to NULL.

See get_entry(3) for a complete description of the gd_entry_t data type.


A call to dirfile_free_entry_strings() always returns its input, entry.


This function is provided as a convenience only. Callers may free strings allocated by get_entry(3) themselves by simply calling free(3) on the appropriate members for the given entry type, if they prefer to do so.


get_entry(3), free(3)