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dxpArray: transformed grid


QuantLib::TransformedGrid - transformed grid


#include <ql/math/transformedgrid.hpp>

Inherited by LogGrid.

Public Member Functions

TransformedGrid (const Array &grid)

template<class T > TransformedGrid (const Array &grid, T func)

const Array & gridArray () const

const Array & transformedGridArray () const

const Array & dxmArray () const

const Array & dxpArray () const

const Array & dxArray () const

Real grid (Size i) const

Real transformedGrid (Size i) const

Real dxm (Size i) const

Real dxp (Size i) const

Real dx (Size i) const

Size size () const

Protected Attributes

Array grid_

Array transformedGrid_

Array dxm_

Array dxp_

Array dx_

Detailed Description

transformed grid

This package encapuslates an array of grid points. It is used primarily in PDE calculations.


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