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globus_gass_copy_handle_s -

Copy Handle.


#include <globus_gass_copy.h>

Data Fields

globus_gass_copy_status_t status

globus_gass_copy_state_t * state

void * user_pointer

globus_gass_copy_perf_info_t * performance

globus_bool_t external_third_party

globus_gass_copy_callback_t user_callback

void * callback_arg

globus_gass_copy_callback_t user_cancel_callback

void * cancel_callback_arg

globus_object_t * err

int buffer_length

globus_bool_t no_third_party_transfers

globus_ftp_client_handle_t ftp_handle_2

globus_bool_t send_allo

globus_bool_t always_stat_on_expand

globus_off_t partial_offset

Detailed Description

Copy Handle.

Field Documentation

globus_bool_t globus_gass_copy_handle_s::always_stat_on_expand

Run a stat check on all urls passed to globus_gass_copy_glob_expand_url

int globus_gass_copy_handle_s::buffer_length

Size of the buffers to be used in the transfers

void* globus_gass_copy_handle_s::callback_arg

pointer to user argument to user callback function

void* globus_gass_copy_handle_s::cancel_callback_arg

pointer to user argument to user cancel callback function

globus_object_t* globus_gass_copy_handle_s::err

Error object to pass to the callback function

globus_bool_t globus_gass_copy_handle_s::external_third_party

Indicates if the 3rd party transfer is done externally to this library.

globus_ftp_client_handle_t globus_gass_copy_handle_s::ftp_handle_2

handle only used when no_third_party_transfers is true (for 3pt)

globus_bool_t globus_gass_copy_handle_s::no_third_party_transfers

Indicates whether third_party transfers should be used (for ftp to ftp transfers). If set to FALSE, the default, globus_ftp_client_third_party_transfer() will be used. if set to TRUE, gass_copy will manage the transfer

globus_off_t globus_gass_copy_handle_s::partial_offset

offsets for partial file transfers

globus_gass_copy_perf_info_t* globus_gass_copy_handle_s::performance

Pointer to perf_info structure used to provide the user transfer performance information

globus_bool_t globus_gass_copy_handle_s::send_allo

Indicates whether to send ALLO for ftp destinations

globus_gass_copy_state_t* globus_gass_copy_handle_s::state

pointer to the state structure which contains internal info related to a transfer

globus_gass_copy_status_t globus_gass_copy_handle_s::status

the status of the current transfer

globus_gass_copy_callback_t globus_gass_copy_handle_s::user_callback

Pointer to user callback function

globus_gass_copy_callback_t globus_gass_copy_handle_s::user_cancel_callback

pointer to user cancel callback function

void* globus_gass_copy_handle_s::user_pointer

pointer to user data


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