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globus_i_gass_copy_state_target_s -

GASS copy target (e.g.


Data Fields

char * url

globus_gass_copy_attr_t * attr

globus_mutex_t mutex

globus_fifo_t queue

int n_pending

int n_simultaneous

int n_complete

globus_i_gass_copy_target_status_t status

globus_gass_copy_url_mode_t mode

union {

struct {

} ftp

struct {

globus_gass_transfer_request_t request

} gass

struct {

globus_bool_t free_handle

globus_bool_t seekable

} io

} data

Detailed Description

GASS copy target (e.g.

source, destination) transfer information.

Field Documentation

char* globus_i_gass_copy_state_target_s::url

url for file transfer

globus_gass_copy_attr_t* globus_i_gass_copy_state_target_s::attr

attributes to control file transfer

globus_mutex_t globus_i_gass_copy_state_target_s::mutex

coordinates the modifying of the target structure

globus_fifo_t globus_i_gass_copy_state_target_s::queue

a queue to manage the reading/writing of data buffers

int globus_i_gass_copy_state_target_s::n_pending

Used for keeping track of reads/writes in the read/write queue.

int globus_i_gass_copy_state_target_s::n_simultaneous

Used to limit the number of n_pending.

int globus_i_gass_copy_state_target_s::n_complete

Used to compute the offset for ftp writes.

globus_i_gass_copy_target_status_t globus_i_gass_copy_state_target_s::status

signifies the target has been successfully setup

globus_gass_copy_url_mode_t globus_i_gass_copy_state_target_s::mode

mode used to identify the below target union struct.

struct { ... } globus_i_gass_copy_state_target_s::ftp

ftp specific data

globus_gass_transfer_request_t globus_i_gass_copy_state_target_s::request

GASS equivelent of a handle.

struct { ... } globus_i_gass_copy_state_target_s::gass

GASS specific data.

globus_bool_t globus_i_gass_copy_state_target_s::free_handle

If the IO handle was passed as an argument then FALSE If the IO handle was created internally then TRUE.

globus_bool_t globus_i_gass_copy_state_target_s::seekable

Can globus_io_file_seek() be performed on this handle?

struct { ... } globus_i_gass_copy_state_target_s::io

IO specific data.

union { ... } globus_i_gass_copy_state_target_s::data

data required to perform each type of transfer


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