globus_uuid_create (3) - Linux Manuals


globus_uuid.h -

Globus UUID Generator.


#include 'globus_common_include.h'
#include 'globus_libc.h'


int globus_uuid_create (globus_uuid_t *uuid)
Create UUID

Creates a time based, Leach-Salz variant uuid, using the mac address when available. "
int globus_uuid_import (globus_uuid_t *uuid, const char *str)
Import a UUID

Import a string in the text UUID format into a globus_uuid_t value. "
int globus_uuid_fields (globus_uuid_t *uuid, globus_uuid_fields_t *uuid_fields)
Extract fields from UUID

Copy the fields from uuid to uuid_fields in host byte order. "

Detailed Description

Globus UUID Generator.


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