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glutBitmapString: Draw a string of bitmapped characters


glutBitmapString - Draw a string of bitmapped characters


OpenGLUT - bitmapfont


In openglut.h Ft void Fn glutBitmapString void *font const unsigned char *string


Bf Em
 font Ef
    A bitmapped font identifier.

Bf Em
 string Ef
  A NUL-terminated ASCII string.


Draw a Bf Sy
 string Ef
 the current OpenGL raster position using a bitmapped Bf Sy
 font. Ef
  The raster position is advanced by the width of the string.

The starting raster position is used as the left margin for multi-line strings. Each newline character repositions the raster position at the beginning of the next line.

Nothing is drawn, and the raster position is unaffected when either:
  Bf Sy
 font Ef
 is not a valid OpenGLUT bitmap font
  Bf Sy
 string Ef
 is an empty string or NULL pointer
 - The current OpenGL raster position is invalid