glutMouseWheelFunc (3) - Linux Manuals

glutMouseWheelFunc: Sets the mouse wheel callback for the current window.


glutMouseWheelFunc - Sets the mouse wheel callback for the current window.


OpenGLUT - input


In openglut.h Ft void Fn glutMouseWheelFunc void( *callback )( int wheel int direction int x int y )


Bf Em
 callback Ef
    Client hook for mouse wheel events.


If the mouse wheel is spun over your (sub)window, OpenGLUT will, in theory, report this via the MouseWheel callback. Bf Sy
 wheel Ef
 is the wheel number,  Bf Sy
 direction Ef
  is +/- 1, and Bf Sy
 x Ef
 and  Bf Sy
 y Ef
 are the mouse coordinates.

If you do not register a wheel callback, wheel events will be reported as mouse buttons.

This callback is bound to the Bf Li
 current window Ef


Due to lack of information about the mouse, it is impossible to implement this correctly on X at this time. Use of this function limits the portability of your application. (This feature Bf Em
 does Ef
  work on X, just not reliably.)  You are encouraged to use the standard, reliable mouse-button reporting, rather than wheel events.

Windows created via glutCreateMenuWindow() always cascade keyboard and mouse events to their parent.