hwloc_obj_memory_s_hwloc_obj_memory_page_type_s (3) - Linux Man Pages


hwloc_obj_memory_s::hwloc_obj_memory_page_type_s -


#include <hwloc.h>

Data Fields

hwloc_uint64_t size

hwloc_uint64_t count

Detailed Description

Array of local memory page types, NULL if no local memory and page_types is 0.

The array is sorted by increasing size fields. It contains page_types_len slots.

Field Documentation

hwloc_uint64_t hwloc_obj_memory_s::hwloc_obj_memory_page_type_s::count

Number of pages of this size.

hwloc_uint64_t hwloc_obj_memory_s::hwloc_obj_memory_page_type_s::size

Size of pages.


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