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src/jobs.h -

Remembering submitted job in session.


#include <drmaa_impl.h>

Data Structures

struct drmaa_job_s
Job data stored for each submitted job.
struct drmaa_job_iter_s
Iterates over submitted jobs set.


void drmaa_get_job_list_iter (drmaa_session_t *session, drmaa_job_iter_t *iter)
Returns iterator to jobs held in DRMAA session.
drmaa_job_t * drmaa_get_next_job (drmaa_job_iter_t *iter)
Returns next job identifier from set or NULL if set finished.
void drmaa_add_job (drmaa_session_t *c, drmaa_job_t *job)
Adds job identifier to session.
bool drmaa_find_job (drmaa_session_t *c, const char *jobid, drmaa_job_t *found, unsigned flags)
Checks if job with given identifier exist in hash table and optionally removes it.

Detailed Description

Remembering submitted job in session.


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