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ldns_dnssec_name_new, ldns_dnssec_name_new_frm_rr, ldns_dnssec_name_free, ldns_dnssec_name_name, ldns_dnssec_name_set_name, ldns_dnssec_name_set_nsec, ldns_dnssec_name_cmp, ldns_dnssec_name_add_rr, ldns_dnssec_name_find_rrset, ldns_dnssec_name_print


#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>

#include <ldns/ldns.h>

ldns_dnssec_name* ldns_dnssec_name_new();

ldns_dnssec_name* ldns_dnssec_name_new_frm_rr(ldns_rr *rr);

void ldns_dnssec_name_free(ldns_dnssec_name *name);

ldns_rdf* ldns_dnssec_name_name(ldns_dnssec_name *name);

void ldns_dnssec_name_set_name(ldns_dnssec_name *name, ldns_rdf *dname);

void ldns_dnssec_name_set_nsec(ldns_dnssec_name *name, ldns_rr *nsec);

int ldns_dnssec_name_cmp(const void *a, const void *b);

ldns_status ldns_dnssec_name_add_rr(ldns_dnssec_name *name, ldns_rr *rr);

ldns_dnssec_rrsets* ldns_dnssec_name_find_rrset(ldns_dnssec_name *name, ldns_rr_type type);

void ldns_dnssec_name_print(FILE *out, ldns_dnssec_name *name);


Create a new data structure for a dnssec name .br Returns the allocated structure

Create a new data structure for a dnssec name for the given RR

.br rr: the RR to derive properties from, and to add to the name

Frees the name structure and its rrs and rrsets. Individual ldns_rr records therein are not freed

.br name: the structure to free

Returns the domain name of the given dnssec_name structure

.br name: the dnssec name to get the domain name from .br Returns the domain name

Sets the domain name of the given dnssec_name structure

.br name: the dnssec name to set the domain name of .br dname: the domain name to set it to. This data is *not* copied.

Sets the NSEC(3) RR of the given dnssec_name structure

.br name: the dnssec name to set the domain name of .br nsec: the nsec rr to set it to. This data is *not* copied.

Compares the domain names of the two arguments in their canonical ordening.

.br a: The first dnssec_name to compare .br b: The second dnssec_name to compare .br Returns -1 if the domain name of a comes before that of b in canonical ordening, 1 if it is the other way around, and 0 if they are equal

Inserts the given rr at the right place in the current dnssec_name No checking is done whether the name matches

.br name: The ldns_dnssec_name to add the RR to .br rr: The RR to add .br Returns LDNS_STATUS_OK on success, error code otherwise

Find the RRset with the given type in within this name structure

.br name: the name to find the RRset in .br type: the type of the RRset to find .br Returns the RRset, or NULL if not present

Prints the RRs in the dnssec name structure to the given file descriptor

.br out: the file descriptor to print to .br name: the name structure to print the contents of


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ldns_dnssec_zone. And perldoc Net::DNS, RFC1034, RFC1035, RFC4033, RFC4034 and RFC4035.