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ldns_dnssec_zone, ldns_dnssec_name, ldns_dnssec_rrs, ldns_dnssec_rrsets


#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>

#include <ldns/ldns.h>




Structure containing all resource records for a domain name
Including the derived NSEC3, if present
struct ldns_struct_dnssec_name

        * pointer to a dname containing the name.

        * Usually points to the owner name of the first RR of the first RRset


       ldns_rdf *name;


        * Usually, the name is a pointer to the owner name of the first rr for

        * this name, but sometimes there is no actual data to point to,

        * for instance in

        * names representing empty nonterminals. If so, set alloced to true to

        * indicate that this data must also be freed when the name is freed


       bool name_alloced;


        * The rrsets for this name


       ldns_dnssec_rrsets *rrsets;


        * NSEC pointing to the next name (or NSEC3 pointing to the next NSEC3)


       ldns_rr *nsec;


        * signatures for the NSEC record


       ldns_dnssec_rrs *nsec_signatures;


        * Unlike what the name is_glue suggests, this field is set to true by

        * ldns_dnssec_zone_mark_glue() or ldns_dnssec_zone_mark_and_get_glue()

        * when the name, this dnssec_name struct represents, is occluded.

        * Names that contain other occluded rrsets and records with glue on

        * the delegation point will NOT have this bool set to true.

        * This field should NOT be read directly, but only via the

        * ldns_dnssec_name_is_glue() function!


       bool is_glue;


        * pointer to store the hashed name (only used when in an NSEC3 zone


       ldns_rdf *hashed_name;


typedef struct ldns_struct_dnssec_name ldns_dnssec_name;

Singly linked list of rrs
struct ldns_struct_dnssec_rrs
       ldns_rr *rr;

       ldns_dnssec_rrs *next;


typedef struct ldns_struct_dnssec_rrs ldns_dnssec_rrs;

Singly linked list of RRsets
struct ldns_struct_dnssec_rrsets
       ldns_dnssec_rrs *rrs;

       ldns_rr_type type;

       ldns_dnssec_rrs *signatures;

       ldns_dnssec_rrsets *next;


typedef struct ldns_struct_dnssec_rrsets ldns_dnssec_rrsets;


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ldns_dnssec_zone_new, ldns_dnssec_name_new, ldns_dnssec_rrs_new, ldns_dnssec_rrsets_new. And perldoc Net::DNS, RFC1034, RFC1035, RFC4033, RFC4034 and RFC4035.