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ncl_mplndr: Reads a specified EZMAP database and draws boundary lines from it.


MPLNDR - Reads a specified EZMAP database and draws boundary lines from it.




#include <ncarg/ncargC.h>

void c_mplndr (char *flnm, int ilvl)


(an input expression of type CHARACTER) specifies the name of the database to be used. MPLNDR will first look for the files of the specified database in the current working directory; if the files are not found there, MPLNDR will look for them in the NCAR Graphics database directory. The database created in 1998 and provided as part of Version 4.1 of NCAR Graphics is named "Earth..1".
(an input expression of type INTEGER) specifies the level at which the database is to be used. The value 1 says to use only land/water boundaries, the value 2 says to add continental boundaries (like the boundary which separates Africa from Eurasia), the value 3 says to add the boundaries of countries, and the value 4 says to add states. (The value 5 will eventually be used to add counties.)


The C-binding argument description is the same as the FORTRAN argument description.


MPLNDR draws the lines defined by the map database whose name is FLNM; the EZMAP internal parameter 'DO' determines whether solid lines or dotted lines are used. If EZMAP currently needs initialization, MPLNDR does nothing except read some information from the map database, so that subsequent calls to EZMAPB functions will work properly.

The outlines are drawn using calls to MAPIT and MAPIQ. By default, MPLNDR forces the value of the internal parameter 'DL' equal to the value of the internal parameter 'DO'; it also supplies the dash package with a solid-line dash pattern. When 'DO' is zero, the outlines are drawn using calls to the routines FRSTD and VECTD, in the dash package, and this gives solid lines. When 'DO' is non-zero, the outlines are drawn using calls to the SPPS routine POINTS, which gives dotted lines. Before returning control to the user, MAPLOT restores the original value of 'DL' and the original dash pattern. A user version of the routine MPCHLN may be supplied to change the way in which the outlines are drawn.


Use the ncargex command to see the following relevant example: tezmpb.


To use MPLNDR or c_mplndr, load the NCAR Graphics libraries ncarg, ncarg_gks, and ncarg_c, preferably in that order.


Copyright (C) 1987-2009
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
The use of this Software is governed by a License Agreement.


Online: ezmap, ezmap_params, mapaci, mapbla, mapblm, mapdrw, mapeod, mapfst, mapgci, mapgrd, mapgrm, mapgtc, mapgti, mapgtl, mapgtr, mapint, mapiq, mapiqa, mapiqd, mapiqm, mapit, mapita, mapitd, mapitm, maplbl, maplmb, maplot, mappos, maproj, maprs, maprst, mapsav, mapset, mapstc, mapsti, mapstl, mapstr, maptra, maptri, maptrn, mapusr, mapvec, mpchln, mpfnme, mpgetc, mpgeti, mpgetl, mpgetr, mpglty, mpiaty, mpifnb, mpilnb, mpiola, mpiosa, mpipai, mpipan, mpipar, mpisci, mplnam, mplndm, mplnri, mpname, mprset, mpsetc, mpseti, mpsetl, mpsetr, supmap, supcon, ncarg_cbind