nutscan_scan_avahi (3) - Linux Manuals

nutscan_scan_avahi: Scan network for NUT services via mDNS


nutscan_scan_avahi - Scan network for NUT services via mDNS


#include <nut-scan.h>

nutscan_device_t * nutscan_scan_avahi(long usec_timeout);


The nutscan_scan_avahi() function tries to detect the NUT service via mDNS, and its associated devices. It uses the Avahi library to do so.

You MUST call nutscan_init(3) before using this function.

This function waits up to usec_timeout microseconds before considering an IP address to be unresponsive.


The nutscan_scan_avahi() function returns a pointer to a nutscan_device_t structure containing all found devices. It returns NULL if an error occurs, or if no device is found.