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oath_totp_validate3: API function


oath_totp_validate3 - API function


#include <oath.h>

int oath_totp_validate3(const char * secret, size_t secret_length, time_t now, unsigned time_step_size, time_t start_offset, size_t window, int * otp_pos, uint64_t * otp_counter, const char * otp);


const char * secret
the shared secret string
size_t secret_length
length of secret
time_t now
Unix time value to validate TOTP for
unsigned time_step_size
time step system parameter (typically 30)
time_t start_offset
Unix time of when to start counting time steps (typically 0)
size_t window
how many OTPs after/before start OTP to test
int * otp_pos
output search position in search window (may be NULL).
uint64_t * otp_counter
counter value used to calculate OTP value (may be NULL).
const char * otp
the OTP to validate.


Validate an OTP according to OATH TOTP algorithm per RFC 6238.

Currently only OTP lengths of 6, 7 or 8 digits are supported. This restrictions may be lifted in future versions, although some limitations are inherent in the protocol.


Returns absolute value of position in OTP window (zero is first position), or OATH_INVALID_OTP if no OTP was found in OTP window, or an error code.




Report bugs to <oath-toolkit-help [at] nongnu.org>. liboath home page: http://www.gnu.org/software/liboath/ General help using GNU software: http://www.gnu.org/gethelp/


Copyright © 2009-2012 Simon Josefsson.
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