(3) - Linux Manuals MacAddr module

NAME - MacAddr module


Create an object to represent a MAC address. A MAC address is given either by a series of hexadecimal numbers or using the ":" notation. It provides a mechanism for comparing this object with a regular string.


class MacAddr(__builtin__.str)

MacAddr address object

    from import MacAddr

    mac = MacAddr('E4CE8F589FF4')

The following expressions are equivalent:
    mac == 'E4CE8F589FF4'
    mac == 'e4ce8f589ff4'
    mac == 'e4:ce:8f:58:9f:f4'

Methods defined here:

__eq__(self, other)
Compare two MAC addresses and return True if both are equal.

__ne__(self, other)
Compare two MAC addresses and return False if both are equal.

Static methods defined here:

__new__(cls, mac)
Create new instance by converting input string into a persistent
representation of a MAC address.


No known bugs.


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