pbs_holdjob (3) - Linux Manuals

pbs_holdjob: place a hold on a pbs batch job


pbs_holdjob - place a hold on a pbs batch job


#include <pbs_error.h>
#include <pbs_ifl.h>

int pbs_holdjob(int connect, char *job_id, char *hold_type,
char *extend)


Issue a batch request to place a hold upon a job.

A Hold Job batch request is generated and sent to the server over the connection specified by which is the return value of pbs_connect().

The argument, identifies which job is to be held, it is specified in the form:

The parameter, contains the type of hold to be applied. The possible values are defined in pbs_ifl.h as:

#define USER_HOLD u

Available to the owner of the job, the batch operator, and the batch administrator.
#define OTHER_HOLD o

Available to the batch operator and the batch administrator.
#define SYSTEM_HOLD s

Available only to the batch administrator.

If is either a null pointer or points to a null string, USER_HOLD will be applied.

The parameter, is reserved for implementation defined extensions.


When the batch request generated by pbs_holdjob () function has been completed successfully by a batch server, the routine will return 0 (zero). Otherwise, a non zero error is returned. The error number is also set in pbs_errno.


qhold(1B), pbs_connect(3B), pbs_alterjob(3B), and pbs_rlsjob(3B)