pbs_manager (3) - Linux Manuals

pbs_manager: administrator a pbs batch object


pbs_manager - administrator a pbs batch object


#include <pbs_error.h>
#include <pbs_ifl.h>

int pbs_manager(int connect, int command, int obj_type, char *obj_name,
struct attropl *attrib, char *extend)


Issue a batch request to perform administration functions at a server. With this request server objects such as queues can be created and deleted, and have their attributes set and unset.

A Manage batch request is generated and sent to the server over the connection specified by which is the return value of pbs_connect(). This request requires full batch administrator privilege.

The parameter, specifies the operation to be performed, see pbs_ifl.h:

    #define MGR_CMD_CREATE 0
    #define MGR_CMD_DELETE 1
    #define MGR_CMD_SET    2
    #define MGR_CMD_UNSET  3

The parameter, declares the type of object upon which the command operates, see pbs_ifl.h:

    #define MGR_OBJ_SERVER  0
    #define MGR_OBJ_QUEUE   1

The parameter, is the name of the specific object.

The parameter, is a pointer to an attropl structure which are defined in pbs_ifl.h as:

    struct attropl {
        char   *name;
        char   *resource;
        char   *value;
        enum batch_op op;
        struct attropl *next;

The list is terminated by the first entry where is a null pointer.

The member points to a string which is the name of the attribute.

If the attribute is one which contains a set of resources, the specific resource is specified in the structure member Otherwise, the member resource is pointer to a null string.

The member points to a string which is the new value of the attribute.

The member defines the manner in which the new value is assigned to the attribute. The operators are:

The parameter is reserved for implementation defined extensions.

Functions MGR_CMD_CREATE and MGR_CMD_DELETE require PBS Manager privilege. Functions MGR_CMD_SET and MGR_CMD_UNSET require PBS Manager or Operator privilege.


When the batch request generated by pbs_manager() function has been completed successfully by a batch server, the routine will return 0 (zero). Otherwise, a non zero error is returned. The error number is also set in pbs_errno.


qmgr(1B) and pbs_connect(3B)