pbs_rerunjob (3) - Linux Manuals

pbs_rerunjob: rerun a pbs batch job


pbs_rerunjob - rerun a pbs batch job


#include <pbs_error.h>
#include <pbs_ifl.h>

int pbs_rerunjob(int connect, char *job_id, char *extend)


Issue a batch request to rerun a batch job.

A Rerun Job batch request is generated and sent to the server over the connection specified by which is the return value of pbs_connect().

If the job is marked as being not rerunable, the request will fail and an error will be returned.

The argument, identifies which job is to be rerun it is specified in the form:

The parameter, is reserved for implementation defined extensions. As if TORQUE 2.2, the string define RERUNFORCE may be used to force a rerun if the mini-server fails. This is dangerous. Do not used it.


When the batch request generated by pbs_rerunjob() function has been completed successfully by a batch server, the routine will return 0 (zero). Otherwise, a non zero error is returned. The error number is also set in pbs_errno.


qrerun(1B), qsub(1B), and pbs_connect(3B)