pmix_put (3) - Linux Manuals

pmix_put: Push a value into the client's namespace


PMIx_Put - Push a value into the client's namespace


#include <pmix.h>

pmix_status_t PMIx_Init(pmix_scope_t scope, const char key[], pmix_value_t *val);


scope : Defines a scope for data "put" by PMI per the following:

PMI_LOCAL - the data is intended only for other application
              processes on the same node. Data marked in this way
              will not be included in data packages sent to remote requestors
* PMI_REMOTE - the data is intended solely for applications processes on
               remote nodes. Data marked in this way will not be shared with
               other processes on the same node
* PMI_GLOBAL - the data is to be shared with all other requesting processes,
               regardless of location

key String key identifying the information. This can be either one of the PMIx defined attributes, or a user-defined value

val Pointer to a pmix_value_t structure containing the data to be pushed along with the type of the provided data.


Push a value into the client's namespace. The client library will cache the information locally until PMIxCommit_ is called. The provided scope value is passed to the local PMIx server, which will distribute the data as directed.


Returns PMIX_SUCCESS on success. On error, a negative value corresponding to a PMIx errno is returned.


PMIx errno values are defined in pmix_common.h.


See 'pmix_common.h' for definition of the pmix_value_t structure.