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sc::RenderedObject -


Inherits sc::DescribedClass.

Inherited by sc::RenderedMolecule, sc::RenderedObjectSet, sc::RenderedPolygons, sc::RenderedPolylines, and sc::RenderedSphere.

Public Member Functions

RenderedObject (const Ref< Material > &=0)

RenderedObject (const Ref< KeyVal > &)

const char * name () const

void set_name (const char *)

Ref< Material > material () const

Ref< Appearance > appearance () const

Ref< Transform > transform () const

void material (const Ref< Material > &m)

void appearance (const Ref< Appearance > &a)

void transform (const Ref< Transform > &t)

virtual void print (std::ostream &=ExEnv::out0()) const
Print the object.
virtual void render (const Ref< Render > &)=0

Protected Attributes

char * name_

Ref< Material > material_

Ref< Appearance > appearance_

Ref< Transform > transform_


class Render


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