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SLV2 - SLV2 is written in standard C99, and depends only on the Redland RDF library ( It should be portable to any system with Redland, and is tested on various GNU/Linux distributions (often), and MacOS X (occasionally).

The data (RDF) and code (shared library) functionality in SLV2 is strictly separated so it is simple to control where each is used (e.g. it is possible to discover/investigate plugins and related data without loading any shared libraries, avoiding the associated risks).

The SLV2 documentation is broken into several pages:

slv2_world - Global library initialisation, state, plugin discovery, etc.

slv2_util - Generally useful utility functions

slv2_collections - Collections of values (literals and URIs) and objects

slv2_data - Access to plugin RDF data

slv2_library - Access to plugin shared libraries


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