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std::_Deque_iterator< _Tp, _Ref, _Ptr > -


Public Types

typedef _Tp ** _Map_pointer

typedef _Deque_iterator _Self

typedef _Deque_iterator< _Tp,
const _Tp &, const _Tp * > const_iterator"

typedef ptrdiff_t difference_type

typedef _Deque_iterator< _Tp,
_Tp &, _Tp * > iterator"

std::random_access_iterator_tag iterator_category"

typedef _Ptr pointer

typedef _Ref reference

typedef size_t size_type

typedef _Tp value_type

Public Member Functions

_Deque_iterator (_Tp *__x, _Map_pointer __y)

_Deque_iterator (const iterator &__x)

void _M_set_node (_Map_pointer __new_node)

reference operator* () const

_Self operator+ (difference_type __n) const

_Self & operator++ ()

_Self operator++ (int)

_Self & operator+= (difference_type __n)

_Self operator- (difference_type __n) const

_Self & operator-- ()

_Self operator-- (int)

_Self & operator-= (difference_type __n)

pointer operator-> () const

reference operator[] (difference_type __n) const

Static Public Member Functions

static size_t _S_buffer_size ()

Public Attributes

_Tp * _M_cur

_Tp * _M_first

_Tp * _M_last

_Map_pointer _M_node

Detailed Description

template<typename _Tp, typename _Ref, typename _Ptr>struct std::_Deque_iterator< _Tp, _Ref, _Ptr >

A deque::iterator.

Quite a bit of intelligence here. Much of the functionality of deque is actually passed off to this class. A deque holds two of these internally, marking its valid range. Access to elements is done as offsets of either of those two, relying on operator overloading in this class.

All the functions are op overloads except for _M_set_node.

Definition at line 106 of file stl_deque.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename _Tp, typename _Ref, typename _Ptr> void std::_Deque_iterator< _Tp, _Ref, _Ptr >::_M_set_node (_Map_pointer__new_node) [inline]

Prepares to traverse new_node. Sets everything except _M_cur, which should therefore be set by the caller immediately afterwards, based on _M_first and _M_last.

Definition at line 234 of file stl_deque.h.


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