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std::__detail::_Scanner< _InputIterator > -


Inherits std::__detail::_Scanner_base.

Public Types

typedef std::iterator_traits
< _IteratorT >::value_type _CharT"

typedef const std::ctype< _CharT > _CtypeT

regex_constants::syntax_option_type _FlagT"

typedef _InputIterator _IteratorT

typedef unsigned int _StateT

typedef std::basic_string< _CharT > _StringT

enum _TokenT { _S_token_anychar, _S_token_backref, _S_token_bracket_begin, _S_token_bracket_end, _S_token_inverse_class, _S_token_char_class_name, _S_token_closure0, _S_token_closure1, _S_token_collelem_multi, _S_token_collelem_single, _S_token_collsymbol, _S_token_comma, _S_token_dash, _S_token_dup_count, _S_token_eof, _S_token_equiv_class_name, _S_token_interval_begin, _S_token_interval_end, _S_token_line_begin, _S_token_line_end, _S_token_opt, _S_token_or, _S_token_ord_char, _S_token_quoted_char, _S_token_subexpr_begin, _S_token_subexpr_end, _S_token_word_begin, _S_token_word_end, _S_token_unknown }

Public Member Functions

_Scanner (_IteratorT __begin, _IteratorT __end, _FlagT __flags, std::locale __loc)

void _M_advance ()

_TokenT _M_token () const

const _StringT & _M_value () const

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr _StateT _S_state_at_start

static constexpr _StateT _S_state_in_brace

static constexpr _StateT _S_state_in_bracket

Detailed Description

template<typename _InputIterator>class std::__detail::_Scanner< _InputIterator >

struct _Scanner. Scans an input range for regex tokens.

The _Scanner class interprets the regular expression pattern in the input range passed to its constructor as a sequence of parse tokens passed to the regular expression compiler. The sequence of tokens provided depends on the flag settings passed to the constructor: different regular expression grammars will interpret the same input pattern in syntactically different ways.

Definition at line 65 of file regex_compiler.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

template<typename _InputIterator> enum std::__detail::_Scanner::_TokenT

Token types returned from the scanner.

Definition at line 75 of file regex_compiler.h.


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