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std::__is_location_invariant< _Tp > -


Inherits std::integral_constant< bool,(is_pointer< _Tp >::value||is_member_pointer< _Tp >::value)>.

Inherited by std::__is_location_invariant< _Simple_type_wrapper< _Tp > >.

Public Types

typedef integral_constant
< bool, __v > type"

typedef bool value_type

Public Member Functions

constexpr operator value_type ()

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr bool value

Detailed Description

template<typename _Tp>struct std::__is_location_invariant< _Tp >

Trait identifying 'location-invariant' types, meaning that the address of the object (or any of its members) will not escape. Also implies a trivial copy constructor and assignment operator.

Definition at line 1781 of file functional.


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